Our Motto

Creative approaches to enhancing property value
The common marketing method of property consultants is to maximize the market exposure of properties entrusted to them, and very little is done on ‘bundling’ and ‘packaging’. At Everbright, we take a more creative approach. We believe that property owners own more than just bricks and mortar, particularly in the case of retail and commercial properties. With our imaginative way of handling, we can always enhance the property value by leaps and bounds.


A brilliant track record from our dedicated professionals
‘Professional’ is a term that has become such a cliché that its true meaning is lost. Being ‘professional’ means ‘of or pertaining to a profession or calling, with professional knowledge and professional conduct’. At Everbright, every nuance, every facet of the term is honoured to the full. We take what we do seriously, and handle all projects with professionalism, care and dedication. We are focused on one line of business, which is property agency services for the sale and leasing of retail properties, project planning and premium property investments. Our property consultants are professionals and veterans in the field, most of them having more than twenty years of retail property leasing agency experience and holding relevant degrees. They serve our different clientele according to our finely structured, logistic-based system. All these reflect our dedicated efforts to offering a property consultancy service that is more than a cut above the rest.


A Harmonious Team with Seamless Cooperation
We firmly believe that harmony is essential to the success of a company - harmony among shareholders, management, and employees, and this is definitely our proud asset: our shareholders and our management team have known each other for more than 25 years and worked together for over 20 years, while the majority of our employees have joined the company for over 10 years. We are able to work together seamlessly because all of us share the same goal and we have a fair profit-sharing system. A congenial team spirit always brings the best results. We are therefore certain that we can help you to devise a flexible investment portfolio that promises optimal returns.


David Chow
Managing Director